UPEL Shanghai Nursery & Kindergarten
EST 2019




Will my child experience separation anxiety?

It’s completely normal for children aged 12 months and above to experience separation anxiety. Our approach is to designate a key teacher for each new student, fostering a strong emotional bond to ease the transition. Your child’s journey through this stage is influenced by how you respond, so we encourage open communication and support.

When is my child ready for nursery and daycare?

We welcome children aged 4 months to 4 years. Whenever you’re ready, your child is ready!

Holidays and School Time

Our school follows Chinese banking holidays, and it’s essential to maintain consistency in your child’s routine. School.  Through Friday, hours are Monday 5:00 PM, with optional After School Care (the “ASC”) until 6:00 PM. For ASC attendees, early drop-off is available from 8:00 AM.

How can I book a visit?

Booking a visit is easy! Click here, or email us at contact@shlle.com or get in touch by phone at 021 6333 7680

How prone are children to getting sick in daycare and nursery?

Our attendance rate surpasses 92%, a remarkable 12% higher than the industry average. This is attributed to daily outdoor activities and our distinctive dedicated care. Through more than 1.5 hours of outdoor sports, we actively create a wholesome and joyful environment for your child.

My child needs assistance with eating, how will they be supported?

A dedicated key teacher is assigned to provide emotional and physical care for your child, including assistance with meals. For children who have embraced school life and are older than 12 months, we actively encourage self-feeding to foster crucial self-care skills.

My child still wear a diaper. How often do you check his or her well-being?

Diapers are checked every 40 minutes to ensure comfort and well-being.

My child can’t sleep by himself or herself. How will he or she be taken care of?

Our designated key teacher supports your child’s emotional and physical needs, including sleep. We adapt your home routine initially, gradually introducing self-soothing techniques for older children.

My child have allergies. How will he or she be taken care of?

We conduct thorough interviews to understand your child’s needs, including allergies. Special meals and materials are provided, prioritizing your child’s happiness and health.

How can I stay updated on my child’s day?

Every family has its own personalized group chat, where our liaison shares delightful photos and videos capturing moments from your child’s school day. Additionally, you’ll receive a daily report documenting your child’s well-being. We actively encourage communication, responding promptly to your inquiries, to ensure that we are all on the same page.