UPEL Shanghai Nursery & Kindergarten
EST 2019



Bilingual Immersion

Step into a world of linguistic exploration at our nursery school, where our Bilingual Immersion program opens doors to a rich tapestry of language learning. In this dynamic setting, we prioritize fostering language proficiency in both English and Chinese, tailoring our approach to each linguistic realm.

For English enthusiasts, our focus extends beyond mere speaking skills. We delve into the intricacies of reading the alphabet and mastering phonics, laying a strong foundation for language fluency. Through engaging activities, children not only speak English with confidence but also use it as a powerful tool to communicate effectively on a global scale. Expression becomes second nature as they articulate their feelings and needs, building essential communication skills.

In the realm of Chinese language acquisition, our approach is equally immersive. Children are exposed to characters, unlocking the beauty and depth of the language. Beyond the linguistic aspect, our program incorporates the exploration of Chinese culture, enriching their understanding and appreciation. The rhythmic cadence of poetry becomes a source of joy, enhancing their connection to the language.

At our nursery, the goal is clear: to nurture bilingual proficiency, ensuring that children not only speak English confidently but also appreciate the nuances of Chinese language and culture. Join us on this linguistic journey, where communication transcends borders, and language becomes a bridge to connect with the world.