UPEL Shanghai Nursery & Kindergarten
EST 2019


About Upel

About UPEL 
International Nursery

Welcome to our vibrant Shanghai nursery, established in 2019. It is tailored for children ages 4 months to 4 years under the esteemed EYFS system. Our commitment to promoting health, fostering critical thinking, building confidence, and nurturing emotional control is unwavering. At our core is an acknowledgment of each child’s uniqueness, guiding our approach to education with personalized care.

Inspired and influenced by our founding team’s working experience in British boarding schools, we’ve infused tradition into our practices, creating an atmosphere where education seamlessly intertwines with exploration. Our team is dedicated to providing academic support and a holistic developmental journey for every child.

Join us on this distinctive adventure, where foundational values and personalized education converge. Here, we celebrate the individuality of each child, ensuring a transformative learning experience in a supportive and enriching environment.

Our Vision

Let children walk in the world with confidence.

Our Mission

Unique Child

At UPEL, we celebrate the individuality of each child, recognizing and nurturing their distinct talents, interests, and potential to ensure a personalized and enriching learning experience.

Positive Relationships

We foster a community where positive connections thrive—among children, educators, and parents. Building strong relationships forms the foundation for a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

Enabling Environment

UPEL creates a dynamic and empowering setting where every aspect is designed to enable growth and development. Our physical and social environment encourages curiosity, exploration, and a sense of security.

Learning and Development

Our commitment to positive learning extends beyond academics. UPEL is dedicated to nurturing not only cognitive skills but also emotional, social, and physical development, ensuring well-rounded and confident individuals.

A Posse Ad Esse: Making the Impossible Possible

Embracing a culture of innovation and creativity, UPEL instills in both educators and children the mentality of turning challenges into opportunities. We are committed to continuous learning and self-improvement, striving to create a nursery school that constantly evolves and pushes boundaries, ensuring a better and brighter future for our children.

Our Core Values

Critical Thinking

Fostering analytical minds, encouraging curiosity, and empowering children to approach challenges with thoughtfulness and creativity.


Cultivating self-assurance, resilience, and a positive self-image to equip children with the courage to embrace learning and life.

Emotional Control

Guiding children to understand and manage emotions, fostering resilience and providing tools for constructive expression in various situations.


Prioritizing physical and mental well-being, promoting healthy habits, nutrition, and an active lifestyle for lifelong vitality.

Social Skills

Nurturing effective communication, teamwork, and empathy, laying the foundation for positive relationships and collaboration in a social context.