UPEL Shanghai Nursery & Kindergarten
EST 2019



4-12 months old

Entrust your infants, aged 4-12 months, to our care, where safety, nutrition, and genuine support take precedence. We go beyond by ensuring 1.5 hours of outdoor time daily, weather permitting. This commitment extends the learning environment to the outdoors, promoting healthy development and a connection to nature. With a focus on safety, nutrition, and ample outdoor experiences, we create a comprehensive and enriching foundation for your child’s early years, giving parents confidence that their little ones are thriving in a secure and nurturing space.

Seven Oaks Experience

with a focus on total brain learning, the infant curriculums revolve around creative experience such as Seven Oaks Art, Little Chief, Infant Gym, Music, Outdoor Learning Experience, and Seven Oaks Me Time.

Seven Oaks Art


Little Chef

Outdoor Learning Experience

Infant Gym

Seven Oaks Me Time